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About us

YDY CG is a specialized art service provider for the global game industry.

Established in 2012, YDY is headquartered in Singapore, with the production studio in Nanjing, China and a business office in Shanghai.

Ranging from 2D Art (Concept/Illustration/Storyboard/Animation/UI) to 3D Art (Low/High Poly Modeling/Texturing) services, our work speeds up your game development with our abundant and diversified art production resource.


From the hand-drawn to the photo-real, we breathe efficiency into your development pipeline.

The YDY People YDY's reputation is built upon our people.

Life At YDY

Weta Exbition 2

Weta Exbition 3

Company Trip

Trip to the water town

Weta Exbition

Weta Exbition 4

  • YDY CG is a premium service provider specializing in art design and production for the global game industry.

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    Room 303, Building B, Nanjing Checheng Industrial Park, #65 Yuhuadong Road, Yuhuatai District, 210012, Nanjing, China

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