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HOME NEWS LIST YDY Opened A New Studio For The Expanding Art Team

YDY Opened A New Studio For The Expanding Art Team

July 1, 2021--Nanjing,China--Very excited to announce the opening of our another new studio as part of our ongoing growth.

YDY (1)800.jpg

The new studio locates in the Yuhua District Industrial Park. The establishment of it will effectively promote the integration of internal resources, help to enhance the company's production efficiency and effectiveness. It will have a profound influnce on the integration of domestic and foreign customer resources based on international standards for art production, as well as to further extend domestic and international markets. It will help to create a better environment for the development of YDY.

YDY (2)800.jpg

YDY (3)800.jpg

YDY (4)800.jpg

  • YDY CG is a premium service provider specializing in art design and production for the global game industry.

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    Room 303, Building B, Nanjing Checheng Industrial Park, #65 Yuhuadong Road, Yuhuatai District, 210012, Nanjing, China

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